Honda automatic driverless valet parking system

From DigInfo:

Honda has developed a low-cost, automatic valet parking system which uses parking lot surveillance cameras to help park cars automatically. In this demonstration, when a car is left in the drop-off area of a parking lot, it receives information about which spaces are available, then drives itself to an empty space and parks. This system can automatically park multiple cars efficiently. Honda sees a lot of potential in a system such as this, especially if it is implemented in the large parking lots of suburban shopping centers.

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batteriesnotincluded asked:

Would you ever sell a printed poster or even like a high quality file that I could get printed? I love your Chungking Express poster so much and want it for my room..

aposteraffair answered:

Sorry for the late response. I just noticed these bunch of messages on my ask box today. The posters are not for saleā€¦ but they are very much free to share!! I am not sure though if the quality of the original file is high enough for the size that you need (1200 x 1680 at 100ppi)